As the name suggests, the Chantenay carrot originated from the Chantenay region of France. Early references to the Chantenay carrot can be found back in the mid 1800?s where it was used in medicine.

As food production became more organised after the war there was a rise in the popularity of Chantenay carrots. This peaked in the 60?s but the Chantenay fell out of favour as the market place developed and food production became increasingly mechanised.

Production of Chantenay for the fresh market almost ceased in the 1970?s although Chantenay remained a favourite with the canned carrot market due to their sweetness and size.

The recent revival has been brought about with a complete product overhaul which looked at varieties, size and production techniques.

The Chantenay carrot is a natural product that can be tricky to grow but it is its very ?naturalness? which gives it its flavour and results in carrots that taste ?as carrots used to taste?.

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