Freshgro take Chantenay from strength to strength

With the second year of Freshgro?s PR campaign to promote Chantenay carrots now underway, the Nottinghamshire cooperative aims to build on the success it has enjoyed with the product to date.

Sales of Chantenay have doubled over the past year in line with product production and public demand. Consumer awareness of Chantenay has been raised by a PR campaign which achieved coverage for the little carrots on national radio and TV and across a broad range of national and regional print media reaching a readership of over 25m.

The PR campaign seeks to answer consumers? questions: what are Chantenay carrots, where are they from and what do you do with them? As part of its innovative program of consumer activity, Freshgro has taken its carrots to the public at county shows in order to trial the product and gauge reaction. MD of Freshgro, Martin Evans comments,

?We came across two distinct types of consumer. Those who had tried Chantenay before loved the product and bought it faithfully. Those who were trying Chantenay for the first time responded very positively at the shows and our challenge now is to turn that first experience into a shopping habit.?

Freshgro believes that there is still a lot of growth in the Chantenay market not least in the family sector, since Chantenay are so perfect for children. The new campaign includes work with the School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme, the 5 a Day campaign and will see the launch of a new children?s? website which aims to entertain and educate 4-6 year olds and their parents and teachers.

Looking forward to the year ahead, Martin Evans says,?We are confident that there is an established demand for Chantenay, we now need to grow that demand without losing the ?specialness? of the product. The country is crunching Chantenay and we aim to keep it that way!?

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